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I love it! Simple to use, appealing UI, great effects, and plenty of ways to create and alter. Thank you so much for making this! :)


Muito bom seu software amigo, uma ferramenta poderosa, parabéns!


Chiptone is very useful . Many sounds and some instruments for my game are made with chiptone.  


This is really awesome! Just one question: What about the sampler and sequencer? Is there a roadmap on when you have planned to release them? Or are they currently not under development because of other projects (which would bo totally understandable :D)


Hey, got a question for the SFB team: Are you ever going to update the Itch version of Haunt The House to the newest version? The downloadable one you guys have here only has the winter update. It's missing the train and the manor. I'd have asked on its page but there's no comment section there.

is there a full screen for the in web version


It is possible to make a Linux and Android version of this?
I'll pay for it... heck I'll port it myself if you give me permission and code access for it. Very nice tool :D Almost as powerful as FamiTracker and LMMS with the chiptune plugins, yet simple, it's marvelous!!

Best tool thank you


Oh wow, this is really well made. Great features, cozy UI, super polished. Gonna follow this for updates.

As an old Modtracker user, this instantly got me and I think it's both fun and useful. I'd love to use this in my own work somehow. Great job and keep it up!

This is really save my time from make sound effects. Thanks you so much! :)

This is really good! So much quicker than sketching out a found in Vital, I dont see an option for .ogg saving, though which would really make this fantastic.


This is very well done. The Ui is looks nice and comfy and thought out. Its very friendly for people who just need some sounds effects for their game. I love it.


The only reason I load up is to see if the sampler is out or not

Thank you! 🎼

Is this what Sam Hogan used in cell machine for the break noise?

A cool feature would be if you could reverse the final sound effect. Also, when I save the .wav it doesn't seem to correctly append the .wav filetype - I have to manually type it in myself. Just a small bug, doesn't impact the file itself.

This is so cool. Great work. 

Hello. Compatibility with GB Studio? (.mod for example?)

This thing is so cool! I wish I had a version I could hook up to my DAW :D

If anyone knows a VST like this, please drop the name so we can all check it out!



I would like to pay money for a mobile version!

Awesome tool :)

I don't know why, but the program opens only if it's inside a flash drive. If it's on my PC it doesn't open.

Deleted 78 days ago

Highly overpowered Stuff takes time

Deleted 78 days ago

TThank  you soo much!


cool it has a browser version

This is amazing, and I love the ui and its colors

Thank you so much! (ノ*ФωФ)ノ

AMAZING! bipbop

I'm using a mac and when I try to open the application, it says:

“ChipTone” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Same problem.


Fixed! See details here:

awesome thanks!

Thanks, that worked!

I am having the same issue.  MBA 2020 m1

Fixed! See details here:

Hi! Sorry about that, something about the upload process broke the app signing! I've uploaded it a different way now (and checked by downloading it myself!), so the issue should be fixed.

I made a sound in a minute! Fabulous!


Amazing tool! Would download in a heartbeat if there were a linux version.


You can use the app to download Chiptone for offline use.

It downloads the web version onto your linux system.

I just did it :)

I love this! Does remind me of the ol' Bfxr days!

Is the sounds generated from this free to use in games??

yes, all sounds created by this are under cc0, which means theyre free to use

okay, thank you 


This is sick!


pls make a VST version i want to use this in my dawwwwww and maybe just some simple midi controller functionality? <3 this is a wonderful synth! I'd just love to be able to use it more!!


Hi, Please build a Linux Versinon #popOs ".deb"

use wine


You can use the app to download Chiptone for offline use.

It downloads the web version onto your linux system.

I need some SOUNDs

11/10 It does what it says it does and it's good overall

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