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No updates since 2021? Is this project still in development?

Very great UI. It's comfortable and easy to use. Great for making Sound effects =D

This is such and amazing tool! I'm a Sound Designer and I've got a shitton of audio equipment and plugins, but whenever i need a 8-bit style sound for a game i Use this. So easy to use and sounds really great!

Great tool. I used it on

I've been using bfxr for a while now. Had no idea this existed. Really nice UI and great selection of tools!

this is rad

This is incredible. So easy to use that a simple button press can make a great sound (thanks to a great random seeding function that fires on a press) but with a deep toolset for those interested in some old-school chiptune synthesis. Well done. I can’t wait to dump some of these sounds into a sampler. :D

thank you so much, this tool helped me a lot realizing the sound for my Pong Clone


A fantastic tool that I should have been using for years. Thanks for your contributions! sfxr, bfxr, and this have all been amazing for indie devs!


10.00000000/10 Because it is so useful when you need a sound but you didn't see any good sounds

see you in hong kong


I love it. Do you think you might release a Linux version at some point? Or maybe it's redundant because this might work fine in WINE.


I like the randomizer and and harmony

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just everything about this

everything about this tool

∞/10 i will never stop using it

Great tool! Do you know why audio tracks sound different in the app vs playing the exported .wav? Seems to happen for  >0.1sec length. Sounds great in the app, but seems to be missing the whole sound effect when I export it (truncates 99% of the audio).

I need give it 5 star rated.

nice tool, but is there a way to fill in text to get the exact number i want instead of carefully turning them

Thanks so much for this. Simple and quick - perfect for a certain kind of aesthetic.

Took me a while to realize I could mess with the frequency and altitude, but amazing program nonetheless! I even managed to make some sorta Sonic-y sound effects using this, mainly the jump presets.

8/10, would recommend!

love the ui

My ears hurt :)
Awesome tool, though!

I'm having a problem that when I export, save or load some file, it closes by itself. What do I do?

I'm about to use this for the first time and I can already tell this is a godsend, thank you so much for making this, amazing work!! :D

Is this thing open source? Or will be? Somebody NEEDS to make a Steinberg VSTi out of this thing, the DAW community will LOVE you guys

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Great stuff, although on the mac download version the export to wav file only works if you manually add the .wav extension. Otherwise it creates a .txt by default. Minor issue but threw me for a bit.

same for me on windows oddly



really cool app, is there any chance to add .ogg export?


Noone needs comprssed and awfully-sounding waveform. I mean really, quality of MP3 is taboo in pro audio world. Even OGG can't do it perfectly. WAVs exist with a very legit reason, and you can compress (disgusting) them in any way you like.



Great tool, thank you so much for making it! It works like a charm!

This is awesome! An amazing successor to bfxr!

I can't actually download on windows says the virus check faile

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also have you considered adding a Linux binary?

As i collector of vintage hardware synths this is super neat:)

No matter what I change in settings, the frequency graph is always a straight line. Didn't this used to have rising and falling frequency? I think it's broken or I'm dumb.

Hmm that's very odd, the freq controls work for me... What happens when you change the speed knob, or the accel knob? And how are you running the app?

I figured it out, I misunderstood what "Speed" Meant. Speed is change speed, I was setting that to zero and messing with the other knobs. My bad!

Super cool, used to use BFXR all the time and considering switching to this. Only one problem: The download version does not work on Windows 11... crashes every time I try to play a sound. Maybe it's just me. Does it work for anyone else on Windows 11?

Sorry, it was actually just because windows disabled the audio drivers so I was forced to restart... It works great!


This is really great!! Any chance of having midi support?

hey there wow.   This tool is something special.  From a pro-audio standpoint this is incredibly powerful and I cannot wait to see progress and hopefully future iterations.    The real power here comes from the speed in which you can achieve a functional result within expected limitations.        There's not enough of this type of thing out there in my experience.   Great work!

GREAT! I did my chiptune with this :)

GREAT! I did my ringtone with this :)
I would be happy if a chord could be played (not arp).


Thank you so much! I've been looking for arcade game sounds for 1 hour and thanks to you I generated everything in 10 minutes, I love it

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