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A great tool, also good for learning and understanding how synthesizers work. Well done. :)

Hey, this is awesome! :D


If only we could export to some other format than wav that would be great.

For instance to a MOD file, would that be possible?

There are websites to convert audio to other formats.

I checked but any format to a MOD is usualy not working well, the best way is to get it from the tool right away.

By any mean, your tool is great already but I could see it getting even more traction on especially with tools like gb-studio which uses mod file.

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Its not mine I was just giving a suggestion.

I used a website to convert it to an mp3.

My bad, I thought it was the dev replying.

Modules are a very specific format that potentially this tool could benefit of allowing an export to.

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Just play the sound you make with Audacity recording and then use audacity to save the file.. though i'm not sure about MOD.. i know you can save it to MP3 and OGG using this method. Can also just use Audacity to save the wav to what ever.. i know it's a bunch of extra steps.. but i don't think we'll ever see other files.

This is really fun to work with, do you think you are going to add patch boards? (I think that's what their called, where you connect wires to different things) If that were to get added OMG I would be tweaking those nobs and creating a monstrous tangle of wires till the wee hours of the morning aha. Anyways thanks for making this it's awesome :)

SO! Under the hood, I wrote ChipTone's synth to be entirely modular, it's just set up in this particular configuration to make a usable tool for the most people. But I do have very vague plans to make a modular version at some point... Finishing the main features here comes first though!

Nice, that's awesome! Good Luck :)

...ok guess i now dont have any excuses to work on a game

and i think this is a pretty damn great tool

hi, this looks really neat! do you have any plans to make this open source, considering all the previous iterations have been so?

No current plans for open sourcing, maybe once all the features are in? It would take some tidying and a LOT of commenting...

Great took... I think... I don't understand stuff like thi

Just to let you know that app works fine on my Catalina iMac after moving to applications and then running.


any plans with linux?


No current linux plans, I don't have a linux box any more for testing, and the HTML5 version hopefully covers anyone who does want to use it there!

Is there any chance of this having MIDI input at some point?

No plans for MIDI input in this version, but hopes of a VST version in the future!



Great tool !  Randomize is a lot of fun.

I really love this tool.
Suggestion: add more generators (footsteps) and add reverb effect

Deleted 1 year ago

Oops! As I said in the reply below, I messed up on the codesigning, but I think I've fixed it, so have another try with the latest version! Thanks for letting me know!

This looks great! I can't seem to get it to launch on Mac, though. It opens and then crashes a half-second later. If I open the package contents and run the executable in there, the error I get is"Error: Could not load module lime@lime_application_create__prime"

I'm on Catalina 10.15.7 on a Macbook Air, if that helps.

Ah sorry about that, looks like my codesigning was slightly off, I'm pretty sure I got it right this time around, so have another try with the latest version that went up a few minutes ago!

Working now, thanks! Awesome tool.

Great tool.... I've also added you to my list of free tools for game programmers, as this looks really useful.

Excellent. Well done sir.

Amazing tool I use this Alot :D


Cool tool, I'll give it a try whenever comes the occasion.

Suggestion: sounds seem to cut off too early if there's delay/some other effect in it. Maybe add some logic to extend sound until volume is under some threshold - maybe with adjustable max length (since some settings could make it go infinitely). If max length is reached maybe optional fade out?

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any plans with LinuxOS port?

This is an amazing proyect
If you make the secuencer please make an android version :3

bro this is so coooool

It's amazing!

Ayn bencede ben ilk bfrx kullanıcaktım ama indiremedim adobeden galiba ondan sonra bunu gördüm hem arayüzü güzel hem sesleri

On a Mac - works great!  If possible, on "Export to WAV", may we have the suffix '.wav' attached to the end of the file?  Otherwise it needs to be added manually to every file exported.

Hi! So I did want to fix this before release, but when I try to pass a default file name to the save dialog - "sound.wav" for example - the save dialogue glitches out and shows a big mess of random unicode instead. I figured leaving it blank would be the best bet for now, while I find out what's happening!

Understood - good thinkin'!


If you install the html5 version (through the itch app) then it runs the web code, which suffixes with ".wav".

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epic sounds

I'm not making any kind of game, I just like making cool noises

Surprising to see this also works on mobile devices! (I'm using Android)

Deleted post

Thank god this isn't dead, we were using it to make sound effects for our game and we had to just get a bunch of random ones just in case we needed some when flash was gone. Thanks for the new version!

Thanks for updating this! I used this to make voice blips in the last game I put out, and I was glad to see that Flash didn't drag it to its grave.

Awesome work!  Really useful companion to bfxr. I'm having a lot of fun getting really trippy sounds out of this thing.

This synth is very powerful. Thanks for sharing.

great tool


This is so useful! Do you plan to make a Mac desktop version too?

I do! Fingers crossed it'll just compile for the Mac target first time, but it shouldn't be too much work if it needs fixing up...

its complicated, but i like this tool!

Thanks for your effort! This tool is amazing :)

Thank you

This is a great piece of work. I'll use it for my next game. Well done.

Great! I've been using the flash version for the past year!

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