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uff bro, the tool is good, making sounds without having any kind of experience or professional microphone is amazing and has a lot of potential, keep it up :D

the program does not start for me, what should I do?

Hi, do you have any plans to release a linux version?

I really love using this app for my game project.

use wine


You can use the app to download Chiptone for offline use.

It downloads the web version onto your linux system.

This is amazing app!

Awesome app! When will the sequencer and sampler release tho?

Awesome sauce! This is gonna be do useful!


You may want to list windows build first in the download page to avoid impatient folks who are used to it being listed that way

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Love this invaluable audio lifesaver! Thanks for creating this. The ability to do random generation is exactly what I've been looking for. I have the Mac version on M1 but it doesn't seem to be saving wav files anywhere. Any advice? Please help!

Add another report of this issue (and there's a number more in the comments below). Settings don't save either.

I had this on a Mac too (macOS Monterey, Mac mini 2018) and it wasn’t saving files either. I tried downloading the latest version and I’m getting a pop-up saying ”‘’ is damaged and can’t be opened.”

At least the browser version works

Fixed! See details here:

So hopefully the version I just uploaded should both be able to open at all (I hear that's important), and should be able to save .wavs without issue!

Thank you this works great!


Lovely! Thank you 👍👍


I thought game SFX tools were doomed to have terrible UX, until I discovered this one! While it provides the same great features than sfxr (and its successors), it presents them in a so much cleaner interface! I'm truly amazed how organized and intuitive this is. Not only it is pleasant to use (even pretty fun), I actually understand better some of the effects thanks to their visualizations! And it should be said: it looks really great too!

Kudos for this impressive design. This becomes immediately one of my bookmarked software for creating sounds.

I love love love how this tool simplifies making sfx (but still allows a lot of customization) but why do saved .wav files not have a file extension? I'm on Windows 10. Clicking the save wav thing but when they save they just have "File" as their file type. Adding .wav to the end turns it into a wav. It does play in VLC but...yeah

The downloaded version doesn't want to react for me. I try to open it but it doesn't do anything. Anyone know what causes this/how to fix this?

Are you sure you downloaded the proper version? (Mac is listed first in the downloads.) 

Fixed! See details here:


thanks for making my life easier


Best tool ever

Any chance we could get a html version? save as webpage doesn't work.


The VST plugin version for using in DAWs would be very useful, I will be waiting for this! :>


Can you make a Linux build?

Hi, I tested this app with Wine 6.0.1 on Linux and it works fine.

Yeah. I did test it too. But now, as I switched to another distro, Wine somehow isn't working anymore. I have to find out the problem.


I would like this if the save function actually worked on the downloadable software. It looks like I am saving it as a .wav, but it actually just saves it as a generic "file," which can't be used for anything. Web version seems to work fine.

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On Mac, the app version does not even save the sound. Or at least I could not find where it would save them.


I wish this ran on linux.



Unless there is some windows-specific dependency I'd prefer a native build.

It is pretty useful but it doesn’t work in 32bit :’) I’ll just use the web version

This tool is supper useful :)


I use a mac, and while I can export wav files from the browser version, the app version won't export at all. I go through the exporting process normally, but the file just never appears.  Anyone else have this issue?


I have this issue as well. Would love for it to be fixed!


Same here.

I really wanted to use this but the save.wav cuts off my sound effect...  Anyway you think you could fix this or no?

Bxfr does it too oh woe is me

Just discovered I can kind've get what I want using Dela w00t

Just play the sound and record it with an outside piece of software.

That's what i do.

good idea.  I'm new to sound making.

I use Audacity.. just make sure it's a MUCH older version.. the newer ones have spyware shoved in them..

Thank you! This tool is super useful for making 8-bit sound effects :)

I love this

Any ETA on the Sequencer?

Don't know why, but my mac version can not save wav. Everything look normal, but after save, there is not file in the destination folder.

A workaround you can use is turning on the web developer tools in Safari, and viewing this page on mobile, then save that version of the page as an html file.  It took a bit of tooling around for me, but I got an effectively offline version of Chiptone that can export.

Thanks for the tip. I end up save the setting from Mac version, and paste it to this web version then save a wav file from the web version. A bit of extra work.

Another workaround it to install app for Mac, and install the web version there.

this is very cool

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the MAC version isn't saving when i click the save .wav button.


A workaround you can use is turning on the web developer tools in Safari, and viewing this page on mobile, then save that version of the page as an html file.  It took a bit of tooling around for me, but I got an effectively offline version of Chiptone that can export.

i use it for EVERY PROJECT i have

Anyone else used this for game sfx?

I do and I love it

Wow, Amazing.
This is very helpful!

¡Have a few dollars. You're giving me happyness! ¡Love this tool! ¡Gracias por crearla!

desktop version is quieter than the web version

It actually is.

Even i noticed this. I managed to avoid losing flash.. but.. i know it won't last forever.. but the FLASH version is better for a few reasons.. i can load it into Media Player Classic and scale it up full screen... the audio is louder as well.

This version can't be scaled up.. and it's harder to hear.

There was a Flash version? If you're able to get me a link to it, that'd be awesome.


Yeah it's a weird one, I'm sending exactly the same wave data to the different playback systems, but the desktop one comes out quieter... No clue why! 

I've been using the web version for years, and to be honest, it was the ONLY reason why I used to install flash. Thank you so, so much!

I have a possible idea that should be easy to implement (?):

When I make a coold sound, I always save it as .wav and as .cpt (just in case I'd like to tweak it in the future).

There would be very useful (for people like me) to add a button that saves automatically as .wav and .cpt :D

Thanks again for this!


Wow, this program is really cool!!! The fact that when you tweak a parameter it plays itself automatically is GENIOUS. Makes it super smooth to use. Thank you :DD

i love it i can use it for my pong animation

I absolutely loved it, wish I could support it with actual money, its insanely good!

You can, when you press "Download Now", with paypal you can donate

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