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Anyone else used this for game sfx?

I do and I love it

Wow, Amazing.
This is very helpful!

¡Have a few dollars. You're giving me happyness! ¡Love this tool! ¡Gracias por crearla!

desktop version is quieter than the web version

It actually is.

Even i noticed this. I managed to avoid losing flash.. but.. i know it won't last forever.. but the FLASH version is better for a few reasons.. i can load it into Media Player Classic and scale it up full screen... the audio is louder as well.

This version can't be scaled up.. and it's harder to hear.

There was a Flash version? If you're able to get me a link to it, that'd be awesome.


Yeah it's a weird one, I'm sending exactly the same wave data to the different playback systems, but the desktop one comes out quieter... No clue why! 

I've been using the web version for years, and to be honest, it was the ONLY reason why I used to install flash. Thank you so, so much!

I have a possible idea that should be easy to implement (?):

When I make a coold sound, I always save it as .wav and as .cpt (just in case I'd like to tweak it in the future).

There would be very useful (for people like me) to add a button that saves automatically as .wav and .cpt :D

Thanks again for this!


Wow, this program is really cool!!! The fact that when you tweak a parameter it plays itself automatically is GENIOUS. Makes it super smooth to use. Thank you :DD

i love it i can use it for my pong animation

I absolutely loved it, wish I could support it with actual money, its insanely good!

You can, when you press "Download Now", with paypal you can donate


Amazing tool. Needed SFX for a Pinball game and it totally fit the bill. With a relatively small amount of tweaking, we got some great SFX that really made the game pop. Thanks!


Incredible program. Thank you for this! 


Making audio clips for my game has never been this much fun before!


What are your thoughts on making Chiptone open source?

Awesome software? If you don't mind me asking, is there a way to cut off the end of a sound effect/make it shorter? Thanks!

Adore this tool to bits... so useful and intuitive to use!


Awesome job on this tool! It saves a lot of time when you need retro sounding sound effects fast, and they sound great too! :D

Thank you so much for this tool. It has saved me so much time and stress. When Flash went down I was so worried it'd be gone, but you, a hero, updated it.  I plan to use this tool for my Undergrad project, so Take my money Sir/Madame/Fellow Human.

This Tool is amazing! Thank you so much for it! I use it when im making games for gamejams :D

Great Tool! I was searching for something like that, a free, online, sound generator. This will be great for my game! I’m going to add this page link to my game’s ending credits scene. Hope to see this project evolve to its greatness it desserves.

great! and when to wait for sampler and sequencer?

Oh wow, this is amazing!! Thanks for the effort!


Does anyone else has this issue when the macOS version doesn't actually save anything?


Yes I was about to post about this too. It shows the save screen and I can navigate my folders, but when I finish no file is actually saved to my computer. Should probably be fixed soon since it makes it a little bit unusable on MacOS at the moment.

Just to note, I’ve given full disk permissions to the app and it didn’t help.

I'm learning some of the basics of audio, for my own job and for personal projects.

Most of the 'commercial' software I've used isn't as clear and readable in what it makes and how it behaves as your free tool.  The generators are great, the visual feedback on what you're doing is great, the mutate button is just so great...

I can only compare how delightful it is to use to the sound module in Dreams (the Playstation creation game). 

Android version coming soon ?

Amazing and extremely useful!

Dude I use this all the time for my games, I appreciate you more than you know

this is BRILLIANT! much better than using JSFXR!!

The file format is a image format and it won’t turn into a mp3

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This is such an useful tool

Sorry if someone already asked this, but is there an eta for the sequencer?

Chiptone is 80% of why I didn't want Flash phased out. THANK YOU for putting in the work to move it here!

Cool tool


Could you include the HTML5 version? I don't have Windows or Mac and seeing the HTML version already exists you wouldn't need to port it to linux.

This is include

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It's not included, why do you think I asked you to include it?

And I asked you that 2 months ago, you'd think it'd be included by no, but it's not.


Would it be possible to run Chiptone as a VST? I know some exes can be used like that and I'd love to give it a try in FL Studio!

Fantastic tool, thanks for making it available in HTML5!  I do have a bit of a problem though, I can't seem to properly load old .cpt files into this version.  Aside from that, it's as good as ever.

Displaying sound waves with Haxe / OpenFL is awesome. How can you do that, Can you share a little info about programming to view the waves and generate sound effects!   


I get a "Stage3D error: Context3D not available" error in the browser on this page, but I'm curious about this tool and will try the downloadable version.

Awesome tool !

Just dropping in to say thanks, this is a beautiful evolution of bfxr. We've used it a heap on our games!

Great Work & nice smooth friendly style! Added to my devlog list. Feel free to tell me if you know more good SFX Generators or other useful (free) audio tools!

Ps.: don't know why but the graphic style (especially color scheme)  a little bit reminds me the HappyTreeFriends series and the Dumb Ways to Die Game :)

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