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Ayn bencede ben ilk bfrx kullanıcaktım ama indiremedim adobeden galiba ondan sonra bunu gördüm hem arayüzü güzel hem sesleri

On a Mac - works great!  If possible, on "Export to WAV", may we have the suffix '.wav' attached to the end of the file?  Otherwise it needs to be added manually to every file exported.

Hi! So I did want to fix this before release, but when I try to pass a default file name to the save dialog - "sound.wav" for example - the save dialogue glitches out and shows a big mess of random unicode instead. I figured leaving it blank would be the best bet for now, while I find out what's happening!

Understood - good thinkin'!

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epic sounds

I'm not making any kind of game, I just like making cool noises

Surprising to see this also works on mobile devices! (I'm using Android)

Has a much less intimidating UI than Bfxr and creates better random effects. This is awesome!

Thank god this isn't dead, we were using it to make sound effects for our game and we had to just get a bunch of random ones just in case we needed some when flash was gone. Thanks for the new version!

Thanks for updating this! I used this to make voice blips in the last game I put out, and I was glad to see that Flash didn't drag it to its grave.

Awesome work!  Really useful companion to bfxr. I'm having a lot of fun getting really trippy sounds out of this thing.

This synth is very powerful. Thanks for sharing.

great tool


This is so useful! Do you plan to make a Mac desktop version too?

I do! Fingers crossed it'll just compile for the Mac target first time, but it shouldn't be too much work if it needs fixing up...

its complicated, but i like this tool!

Thanks for your effort! This tool is amazing :)

Thank you

This is a great piece of work. I'll use it for my next game. Well done.

Great! I've been using the flash version for the past year!

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