I notarized the macOS version!

So macOS now requires apps outside of the Mac App Store to be notarized. The process wasn't as easy as I'd hoped, but I got it working. That means it should run without having to allow it in the Security panel! If anyone still has issues running it, let me know!


chiptone-mac.zip 17 MB
Version 0.5.1 Jan 04, 2021

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So yeah this boots and runs just fine on M1 Mac, BUT - I'm not able to save any files. The dialogue pops up, but it just won't save. Can you please double check this at your end Tom?

I don’t know about Mac, but on windows you have to type .wav at the end of the file name or it will not save.  For example explosion.wav  

If you just type explosion, it will not save.