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This was a real delight to play. Just beautifully made. I didn't want to say goodbye to the cast when the curtain rolled!

Any word of a new Grimoire game? My daughter and I loved Tangle Tower and Detective Grimoire. We are eagerly anticipating any news.


I love this game: interesting story and characters, varied puzzles, but not too hard, I was never stuck for too long, they never felt like they were in the way of the story, and, the music is absolutely fantastic!

(I was looking for a sound effect software, and, while checking ChipTone, I noticed it was made by "SFBGames"... Hang on, SFBGames?! Are they..? So I went here just to leave a well deserved rating :) )

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Played on Steam; revisited on Steam when the Concept Art content expansion dropped.

Loooong looooong time fan of SFB, since I think "The Decline of Video Gaming" flash series on Newgrounds and fan of the Grimoire games in general, both Web-Based and Commercial.

Blasted through Tangle Tower with my girlfriend and we enjoyed every moment. Unique Puzzles, well designed visualisation of all deductive methods, gorgeous backgrounds/vistas and the character design is all AAA tier, as are the voices.

Suffice to say, SFBGames are still climbing in quality, from their Flash days all the way to their sleeper hits like Snipperclips on the Nintendo Switch & Tangle Tower. If there's still a decline in video gaming, it's nowhere to be seen here.



Stopping by to say this game is incredible. The character animations, atmosphere, dialogue, how many items are examinable even if they aren't plot-important, all things I love in games of this genre. I bought it for switch, too. Thanks for a very fun experience!


love the artstyle and hoping the game will eventually get a linux version so I can buy and play it!

this game looks gorgeous xD I love it <3


I played the original Detective Grimoire games years ago and I'm thrilled that the series is still going on. Love how the music in the trailer reminds me of the music from Secret of the Swamp too. 

Can't wait to play this!

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Just bought the game. It says that I'll get a steam key with my purchase, but I can't seem to find a "Get Steam Key" option on the download page.


aw man i wish i could buy this game but i cant because my parents dont let me ... please make it free one day


Hey SFBGames. The artwork looks AMAZING. Keep up the good work. 

Thank you so much!!