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This was a fun little hidden gem I played earlier this year. I believe it was originally a Flash browser game before it found a PC port on Steam.

There’s a follow up to this game that I’m looking forward to trying; here’s hoping it’s as good or better.

I love this game: interesting story and characters, varied puzzles, but not too hard, I was never stuck for too long, they never felt like they were in the way of the story, and, the music is very very good!

(I was looking for a sound effect software, and, while checking ChipTone, I noticed it was made by "SFBGames"... Hang on, SFBGames?! Are they..? So I went here just to leave a well deserved rating :) )

If you guys try to purchase the game with a macOS? D O N T

Believe me this game is out by 2014,i doubt the creator will update it so don't make the same mistake I did lmao

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Hey, just wanted to reply with a solution I found! All you gotta do is install this last version of Adobe AIR: And then I right-clicked into Detective Grimoire, went Show Package Contents > MacOS > and opened "Detective Grimoire" instead of "Detective Grimoire_32". That's all I had to do-- lemme know if it doesn't work for you. ^_^ (EDIT: Just added a follow-up answer below for if it doesn't work.)



after 1 year for not playing the game,i change with windows now so i can play detective grimoire  sorry for replying too late;-;but if someone who has macOS want to try this trick can anyone respond to see if it works for macOS users?

And thank you for this soluce,i will try that next time i will play with macOS.

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I'm actually starting to wonder if part of what fixed it for ME was some kind of sorcery that occurred when I opened Detective Grimoire on a system that RAN 32-bit before bringing it over-- creating two different boot-types. When I clean-install Detective Grimoire, I don't get the "Detective Grimoire" and "Detective Grimoire_32" thing. So strange! Just don't want to be reporting something that doesn't work, should the occasional macOS user come through. At any rate, two other good solutions for fixing all 32-bit Adobe AIR games:

1) Steal the shell of a 64-bit Adobe AIR game (like The Last Door Season 1 or Season 2... or, like, The Floor is Jelly, which was included in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality), then right-click > Show Package Contents and go to Contents > Resources, and delete all the files in that Resources folder. THEN go to the Resources folder in the 32-bit game you want to play, then transfer all those files into the folder of the 64-bit game. This seems to work super-well with all DRM-free games-- I've even gotten this to work with PC Adobe AIR games!

2) Build a 64-bit Adobe AIR shell yourself using Adobe Animate/Flash and the free Adobe AIR SDK. Build, like, an empty Flash file, build it as an Adobe AIR app, then replace the Resources again. Good times!


is it still possible to play the first Detective Grimoire game? Armor Games says it's currently not playable :'-(


This game is a perfect mystery in length, difficulty, humor. It kept me interested the whole way through and the voice acting was very good and animation was enjoyable.

PROMISING GAME!  Except it doesn't instal on my mac mid 2011...!!! :(